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Cartilage Restoration

The cartilage in joints is necessary to protect the bones from friction, allowing for fluid movement and mobility. When cartilage is damaged through injury or worn away from excessive joint use, pain, swelling and function issues can occur. Restoring cartilage through orthopedic intervention can offer improved joint function and pain relief, a service offered by Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds at his practice in San Jose.

Cartilage does not repair or regenerate on its own. When an injury or excessive use damages the cartilage in a joint, the cartilage does not grow back. A trauma injury can cause a lesion in the cartilage lining, or excessive use can wear cartilage thin. Not only can this cause pain and function problems, it can lead to osteoarthritis of the joint.

Options for Treating Cartilage Damage

Advanced methods for cartilage repair and restoration are available, giving those with joint problems options for treatments. Methods can include stimulating healing of the cartilage and actual replacement techniques using cartilage cells or grafts. Some treatment options Dr. Reynolds offers for those suffering from joint problems caused by damaged cartilage include:

Cartilage loss can occur with aging, wear and tear, injuries and certain diseases. The resulting friction when the joint bones are no longer cushioned causes the pain and swelling that can restrict movement. Cartilage restoration techniques can offer hope for those with joint issues, preserving the joint function without the need for complete replacement.

Dr. Reynolds specializes in advanced orthopedic treatments that can help repair and preserve joint function. If you have damaged or lost cartilage that is causing joint pain or loss of mobility, contact his office today to schedule a consultation. There are many innovative approaches in joint and cartilage preservation that can help you get relief and restore your joint movement capabilities.

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