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Shoulder Trauma Injuries

The shoulder joint is complex, capable of a wide range of motion for extended reach and mobility. To accomplish this flexibility, ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones and cartilage must all work together simultaneously. When trauma occurs to the shoulder, damage to any of these elements can reduce mobility and cause pain. Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds offers various treatments for shoulder trauma injuries at his practice in San Jose.

Shoulder trauma can occur from a variety of sources. Overexertion can cause injury, a common issue with athletes. Tennis, baseball, football, swimming, golf – all can create overexertion scenarios. Sports injuries can also include impact to the shoulder from falls or collisions. Accidents are another source of shoulder trauma injury – impact from car accidents or outstretched arm falls can cause a tear in the rotator cuff, bicep tendon ruptures and other shoulder trauma injuries.

Specialized Care for Shoulder Injuries

Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds has a unique background when it comes to performing treatment for shoulder and other types of orthopedic trauma injuries. During his experience working with professional athletes in the Bay area, Dr. Reynolds has used his skills to repair shoulders and other joints using the most advanced options. His expertise has helped athletes that depend on their bodies for their career recover quickly and completely.

Shoulder trauma injuries can vary from strains and tears to fractures and dislocation of the joint. Dr. Reynolds offers an extensive list of treatment options to reduce discomfort, improve mobility and minimize recovery time. He offers both conservative treatment options and surgical intervention, specializing in arthroplasty. If you have shoulder trauma from a sports injury, car accident or fall, contact Dr. Reynolds’ office in San Jose to schedule an exam. We accept many types of healthcare insurance for your convenience – call to see if we accept your healthcare plan.

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