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Joint Preservation

In the past, joint conditions often resulted in joint replacement for treatment. Advances in medical technology have improved the options for joint treatment, resulting in more conservative treatments to preserve the existing joint. Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in minimally-invasive treatments to reduce the need for joint replacement. His practice offers several joint preservation treatments to help rejuvenate joints and delay or avoid major joint replacement surgery for his patients.

Joint preservation treatments are designed to help improve the cartilage health in joints, allowing patients to keep their natural joints. Many advances have been made in biologics and other areas of tissue preservation and regeneration that can be beneficial to those suffering from joint conditions. There are surgical and non-surgical joint preservation treatments that can be used, depending on the condition being treated. Dr. Reynolds uses the least invasive treatments available, reducing discomfort and recovery time for his patients.

Cartilage and Joint Rejuvenation Treatments

When cartilage has been lost due to arthritis or other joint conditions, pain and mobility issues will follow. Conventional treatments offer inflammation or pain reduction, but do not restore healthy tissue to the joints. With joint preservation, the idea is to stimulate new growth and preserve the tissue that exists. Dr. Reynolds creates customized treatment plans that may include one or more of the following treatments for joint preservation:

If you have arthritis or other joint conditions that have resulted in lost cartilage and other degenerative issues, joint preservation treatment may be right for you. In many cases, joint preservation can be an alternative to replacement surgery or other more invasive options. To learn more about these treatments and find out if you are a good candidate, contact the office of Dr. Reynolds in San Jose today.

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