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Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds has extensive experience in working with patients with joint dysfunction or injuries. Knee, hip, elbow and shoulder joints all help keep the body mobile and impact quality of life. When an injury impacts mobility, or arthritis and inflammation affect the cartilage needed for fluid movement, finding the right orthopedic treatment can make a significant difference. Dr. Reynolds offers a variety of orthopedic treatments to prevent joint deterioration and preserve mobility.

Not all joint problems require surgery. In many cases, conservative treatments can be used to reduce pain and improve function. Even when injury or degenerative disease has decrease cartilage and increased friction, there are treatments that can be considered before surgery is necessary. Dr. Reynolds customizes treatment plans for each patient based on their needs, preferring non-invasive treatments whenever possible.

Joint Medical Treatments

When joint problems are painful and limiting mobility, Dr. Reynolds will look at all the possible treatment options. Often, preventive or proactive medical treatments can be used to restore function and reduce discomfort. In some cases, surgery or joint replacement may be needed. Dr. Reynolds offers all options for joint treatment, including various options in:

Dr. Reynolds has extensive experience in joint treatment, especially joint preservation, cartilage restoration and arthroscopic surgery. While replacement surgery is an option, he considers it the last option when less invasive treatments are not effective. Many times, replacement surgery can be avoided or delayed using advanced treatment options available at Dr. Reynolds’ practice.

If you have joint problems and are looking for innovative treatment solutions in the Bay area, contact Dr. Reynolds at his practice in San Jose. During your consultation and examination, Dr. Reynolds can discuss all the orthopedic joint treatment options available for reduced pain and improved mobility.

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