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Clavicle Fracture

A broken clavicle, or collarbone, is a common sports injury, but shoulder injuries can also occur in severe falls and auto accidents. Impact to the shoulder or chest can create a fracture of the clavicle, causing pain, swelling and mobility issues. Treatment can include rest and rehabilitation, or surgery in severe clavicle fractures. Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds offers effective treatment for broken collarbones for his patients in the Bay area.

Minor fractures of the clavicle bone may not require surgery. Limiting movement and rest can allow some collarbone breaks to heal without surgical intervention. However, if the clavicle is severely fractured, the ends of the bone can shift, causing them to become out of alignment or overlapping. When this occurs, or there are multiple breaks or an additional scapula fracture, surgical treatment may be needed.

Surgical Repair Options for Broken Collarbones

When a clavicle fracture is severe, surgery may be the best option for repair. There are a few different options that may be used for broken collarbones to stabilize and align the bone. Open surgery to repair the bone using conventional hardware and techniques is one option. Plates, pins and screws can be used to hold the bone in place once the bone is realigned, allowing the bone to heal. Hardware can be left on the bone, or if causes discomfort or mobility issues, it can be removed once the bone is completely healed.

In some cases, a minimally-invasive surgical option can be used for broken collarbones. Using percutaneous elastic intramedullary nailing with the assistance of a fluoroscope can offer a quicker recovery and fewer risks. This procedure is performed through a tiny incision near the sternoclavicular joint to pass the elastic nail through to the fracture and secure the bone in place. The nail is removed a few months later when healing is complete.

For severe clavicle fractures, Dr. Reynolds can offer surgical options to treat and repair the bone. Contact our practice in San Jose for a consultation if you have suffered a broken collarbone that requires surgical intervention.

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