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Little League Shoulder

During a child’s development, bones are still growing and forming well into their teen years. In the shoulder and upper arm, a growth plate in the upper humerus can be injured from overuse and certain activities. This injury is referred to as little league shoulder, as children often receive this shoulder injury when participating in sports involving throwing or pitching. Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds offers treatment for this condition at his practice in San Jose, helping these young athletes recover and return to their favorite sports.

Little league shoulder usually impacts children from ages 10-15 that are in baseball, softball or other sports that involve repeated throwing motions. Symptoms can include pain in the shoulder when performing throwing motions, difficulty performing a lifting motion with the arm, swelling of the shoulder and decreased accuracy or ability when throwing. Diagnosis can include physical examination and x-rays by an orthopedic surgeon or physician – if the growth plate is injured, treatment through an orthopedic surgeon can help quicken and improve the healing process.

Recovery from Little League Shoulder

Children with little league shoulder will need rest to allow the growth plate to heal before returning to playing sports. It is important for treatment to ensure the bone growth plate is not damaged and is allowed to heal properly. Physical therapy is usually recommended to strengthen the muscles in the upper arm and shoulder during recovery. For preventive measures, learning proper throwing techniques can help reduce the chance of repeated injuries to the growth plate.

If you believe your child has little league shoulder or is showing symptoms of a shoulder injury, contact Dr. Reynolds’ office in San Jose to schedule a consultation. We accept many major insurance plans and can ensure your child receives an accurate diagnosis and treatment for their shoulder injury.

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