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Snapping Hip Syndrome

Posted on: March 14th, 2019 by Our Team

A disorder characterized by a snapping sound or snapping sensation in the hip, snapping hip syndrome (SHS) occurs more often in women, though it can affect individuals of all genders and ages. Healthline notes that when muscle tendons become inflamed, they click as they run over the hip socket bone. Though SHS is considered harmless, it can increase one’s risk of joint damage, and could be especially debilitating for athletes, affecting their ability to perform. To learn more about snapping hip syndrome, as well as its different forms and treatments, continue reading below.

To classify how snapping hip syndrome develops, it’s important to understand the type of SHS one has. For instance, internal SHS happens when the muscle of the hip slides over the front portion of the hip joint. Movement of the iliopsoas tendon over the pelvic bone generally causes this type of SHS. The onset of pain and discomfort is gradual, and many individuals hear a snapping sound when they run.

On the other hand, external snapping hip syndrome occurs when the iliotibial band moves over the top of the femur, specifically along the outside. As such, pain is felt on the outer portion of the hip, and a snapping sensation is noted while running or climbing stairs. As the most common type of SHS, pain from external snapping hip syndrome worsens over time.

Contrary to internal and external snapping hip syndrome, which is generally a result of overuse, intra-articular SHS is tied to an injury or other condition of the hip joint. Injuries include acetabular labral tear, cartilage damage or broken bone fragments that result in irritation of the joint.

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