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Bone Marrow Concentrate

There are many advances in medical treatments using regenerative substances from the body. Regenerative medicine uses a patient’s own healing substances to help in healing and restoring lost tissue. One regenerative substance is bone marrow concentrate, or BMC, removed from a patient’s hip bone. BMC therapy can be used as a joint preservation treatment, helping restore healthy tissue and cartilage in the joint.

Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds specializes in joint preservation techniques, using the latest advances in orthopedic medicine for joint treatment. One option is harvesting bone marrow and concentrating it to use in joint treatments. The bone marrow is retrieved and put through a centrifuge to isolate regenerative stem cells, creating the bone marrow concentrate. This substance can be injected into joints to help with regeneration and healing for patients with joint damage or osteoarthritis.

Benefits of Joint BMC Therapy

The interior of large bones is where many substances are created that are important for healing. Red blood cells, white blood cells and plasma elements are produced inside the hip bone, all contained within bone marrow. The immature stem cells that are used to form these substances are undifferentiated, meaning they can be used to replicate other cells in the body.

Injections of bone marrow concentrate into damaged knee joints can have a regenerative effect. This can help reduce inflammation and promote healing in the joint cartilage and bone, offering pain relief and improved joint function. Since BMC is harvested from the patient’s own bones, there is no risk of adverse reaction or negative side effects.

Dr. Reynolds offers several joint preservation treatments to help reduce pain, swelling and degeneration in the joints, including BMC therapy. Contact his office in San Jose to schedule a consultation to learn more about BMC, regenerative therapy and other joint preservation options for improved joint function.

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