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Amniotic Fluid

Stimulating healing and reducing inflammation is often the goal in joint preservation treatments. Cartilage and bone damage can occur in joints from wear, tear, disease and injuries. One of the non-invasive joint preservation treatment options available at Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds’ practice in San Jose is amniotic fluid injections.

Cartilage damage from inflammation, injuries and arthritis is the leading cause of joint pain and immobility. Cartilage does not self-repair, with continued damage and loss occurring over time. Shoulders, knees, hips and elbow joints can all lose cartilage and bone, causing pain and dysfunction. Joint preservation treatments work to stop or slow this process, helping delay or avoid joint replacement surgery. One of those treatment options is using amniotic fluid, which can be a catalyst for healing and regeneration within the joint.

Benefits of Amniotic Fluid Treatment

Amniotic fluid is the fluid that surrounds the fetus during pregnancy. This fluid is a nutrient-rich substance that contains unique attributes that can stimulate healing and growth. Amniotic fluid contains stem cells, hormones, antibodies and hyaluronic acid in high concentrations, all of which can be beneficial for healing.

Amniotic fluid is retained after birth with the consent of the mother to be used in medical treatments. This valuable substance is purified and injected into joints as a preservation treatment for its healing qualities. Elements like hyaluronic acid and stem cells can help heal damaged cartilage and stimulate cartilage growth. It is a safe and effective treatment to help offer pain and inflammation relief in damaged joints.

There are many options to help improve joint pain and function proactively with preservation treatments. If you have been suffering from joint pain from arthritis or other causes, you may be a good candidate for amniotic fluid injections or other joint preservation treatments. Contact the office of Dr. Reynolds to schedule a consultation to learn more about the options available.

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