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Knee Replacement Surgery

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body, and one of the most common to have irreversible problems. While there are many treatments available that can alleviate knee joint pain and even preserve the joint, there are circumstances when joint replacement is the best solution. Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds is a top-rated orthopedic surgeon in the San Jose area who offers knee replacement surgery using the latest advances in orthopedic medicine.

There are many conditions and reasons why knee replacement surgery may be needed. Most commonly, arthritis has deteriorated the cartilage and joint, causing excessive pain and limiting mobility. Other causes of knee joint failure can include trauma to the cartilage, tendons or other components in the knee. Dr. Reynolds specializes in cartilage restoration and knee joint preservation treatments, but when replacement is needed, there is no one better for this surgery. During his fellowship training, Dr. Reynolds specialized in advanced arthroscopy and has used his knowledge to successfully complete many knee replacement surgeries.

Knee Pain Relief Through Replacement

Although knee joint replacement is often a last resort for many patients with knee problems, it can also be a new beginning. For those who have suffered for years with inflammation and pain, a knee replacement can offer hope for improved mobility and less discomfort. Dr. Reynolds’ expertise in minimally-invasive techniques can help minimize pain and reduce recovery time, even with complete knee replacement surgery. He also offers innovative treatment options that can speed healing and reduce risks for his patients receiving a knee replacement.

You deserve to have the freedom of mobility that a new knee can give you. If you are ready to explore knee replacement surgery, contact the practice of Dr. Reynolds to learn more about your options. His practice accepts many forms of healthcare insurance for your convenience.

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