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Joint Replacement Surgery

When a joint is no longer functional due to pain and inflammation, quality of life can dissipate. Lost cartilage, arthritis, injuries and other catalysts can result in joint failure that is no longer treatable through conservative methods. Dr. Kerisimasi Reynolds is a highly regarded orthopedic surgeon who offers joint replacement surgery as one of his treatment options at his practice in San Jose.

Experienced Joint Replacement Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Reynolds has extensive experience treating those with joint disorders. His goal is to find solutions that will allow his patients to retain their natural joints while giving them maximum mobility. However, that is not always possible. While there are many innovative and exciting options in joint treatments available, there are circumstances where complete joint replacement is necessary to give patients the best quality of life.

When a joint is too painful to use, it can impact every aspect of daily life. Swollen and painful knee joints can limit walking, using stairs or any type of activity. Stiff and painful shoulder joints can make it difficult to carry or lift anything, even impacting sleep. Dr. Reynolds offers complete replacement of these joints with the following services:

Dr. Reynolds utilizes the latest advances in orthopedic medicine at his practice. Whenever possible, he uses minimally-invasive techniques that can help minimize pain and speed recovery for his patients. He also uses biologic and other innovative treatments to help improve healing and recovery after joint replacement surgery.

If you believe joint replacement surgery is your only option to restore your mobility, come visit Dr. Reynolds at his practice in the Bay area. It is possible that there are other advanced treatments that can help you avoid replacement surgery. However, if surgery is needed, you will be in the best hands for a speedy recovery with Dr. Reynolds.

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